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Bet on every second of every race with in-running on Matchbook

Matchbook horse racing betting just took off with the launch of in-running markets on UK racing, and Irish racing coming soon. You can now bet and trade every second the action and every heart-pumping moment, on a next-generation exchange with razor sharp prices and big liquidity throughout the day.

Whether you want to trade out of a bet, back a runner you think has looked sharp in the early running or adopt more sophisticated trading strategies then Matchbook is your new home for in-play horse racing. And as Emmet Kennedy, Matchbook head of communications, says it opens up a new world of betting opportunities on the exchange.

“The biggest advantage with in-running betting is your ability to trade out if the horse you’ve backed shortens significantly from your pre-race odds during the race. This way you can lock-in a profit and not have to worry about the end result. Matchbook also won’t close your account if you’re a winning bettor. We welcome bettors,” Kennedy says.

The best of the best

Bradley Morrish, Matchbook director of business development, says in-running is the final piece of the puzzle for Matchbook racing.”Pre-race liquidity and matched volume has been growing rapidly in the past 12 months and we’ve been reaching out to our customers to find out how we could make our site even better. The number one thing they asked for was in-running, so I’m delighted it’s now live for the UK with Irish racing set to follow”.

The annual running of the Grand National at Aintree is a great race for an In-Running Bet.

In-running betting is just one part of Matchbook’s commitment to being the home of horse racing exchange betting, with racing set to overtake soccer as Matchbook’s most bet sport in 2018. The ever-growing liquidity is a testament to how the market is hungry for something new and Matchbook’s next-generation exchange has something for all levels of the punter.

“Matchbook has been designed for speed and scale, Morrish says. “The exchange handles as many as 700 million API requests a day with less than 70 ms response time and it can process over 2,000 bets per second. But it’s not just designed for traders, and it’s simple and easy to use, so no matter what type of bettor you are, whatever you want to bet on, you can do it at Matchbook.”

Try it for yourself

The easiest way to try in-running betting then experiment with some simple back-to-lay strategies at the next big televised meeting. And if you do it between February 9 and March 16 you won’t have to pay anything in commission. Find a likely front-runner who you think may trade at a shorter price during the race and look to trade out of your initial investment halfway through the race.

Alternatively, you could adopt the opposite approach with a horse you think is likely to be produced late or experiment with more advanced strategies such as posted offers for laying the field. Whatever you choose to do, in-running opens up a new world of opportunities to profit and trade and there is no better place to do it than Matchbook.

“We have very competitive commission rates and we are constantly striving to increase our in-running liquidity pool,” Kennedy says. “Pre-race liquidity and matched volume is growing all the time and with in-running betting on all UK races and Ireland coming soon it’s an exciting time to be with Matchbook.”

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