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Don’t Miss The Most Important Conference in Sports Trading

Time is running out for your chance to learn from some of the biggest names and sharpest minds in gambling at the Matchbook Traders Conference. The event takes place on November 1st in London and features an incredible line-up of speakers from traders to economists from political analysts to Ph.D. statisticians working in sports modelling.

This unique one-day event is a mix of presentations, panel discussions and networking where everything is focused on improving your knowledge and understanding of sports betting and trading. And tickets are rapidly selling out, so don’t miss out. Some highlights are:

Traders Panel – High-level discussion from proven trading experts on strategies that can help you win

Harry Findlay – the iconic gambling legend in an exclusive no holds barred talk

Sports Data Modelling – Learn the good, bad and ugly from one of the leading figures in the game

The Future of Political Betting – Insights into a rapidly evolving and very profitable sector

What should I expect from the Traders Conference?

High-quality presentations, panel discussions and fireside chats with a range and quality of speakers that is second to none. Speakers include legendary bettor Harry Findlay, world-renowned economist Douglas McWilliams, sports modelling guru Luigi Colombo, financial trading icon Ronan Ryan and 538’s political analyst Harry Enten along with a number of big names offering their insights into the ever-changing world of betting and trading.

But the Traders Conference is about more than just this. It’s the only occasion where the whole trading community can get together and discuss the big issues and hear from a diverse range of speakers and panelists on the way to make more profitable decisions and what the future holds. Everyone who trades or bets sports will gain something from attending, but for those who trade for a living or want to then this is a must-attend event.

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Who is Speaking at the Traders Conference?

Ronan Ryan, President IEX

Flash Boy Ronan Ryan is at war with the financial world. In his previous life he worked to transform Wall Street into an algorithmically driven high-frequency trading sector, but defected to start-up exchange IEX and his focus is now on using technology to try and bring some fairness back into the system.

Ronan will be taking part in a fireside chat in a private session with no media permitted where he will give his thoughts about the world of high-frequency trading, the technology that is powering the financial world today and what may come in the future. In a frank and open discussion, he will also look at the parallels between the exchange betting sector, sports trading and the technology revolution that has taken place in the financial world.

Harry Findlay, legendary professional gambler

“We all know money can’t buy happiness but gambling is about much more than money.” Harry Findlay would know, he is the man that has won (and spent) more than £20 million. He won the Cheltenham Gold Cup with Denman before being banned from horse racing two years later and lost £2.5 million betting on New Zealand at the 2007 Rugby World Cup. He’s been agonisingly poor and unfathomably rich, often within the same day.

Harry Findlay, as his recently released book, Gambling For Life, describes him, is “the man who dared to risk it all” and is the kind of man you meet once in a lifetime. This is your chance to hear him speak, at the Matchbook Traders Conference on Wednesday 1st November.

To get a preview here is the man himself: “I call myself a gambler, not a professional. People have had enough of reading about how much people win and the figures involved – I’m a lot more about the raw edge of gambling and the philosophy behind it. I am looking forward to speaking about this and parts of my book – I’ll talk about where I think betting is heading and what direction it might take, in particular with regards to betting exchanges and the Tote.”

Harry Enten, senior political analyst FiveThirtyEight

Harry Enten is one of a new generation of analysts revolutionising the way the world thinks about politics. Ferociously bright and numerically led he focuses on letting the data make sense of a political world that seems constantly in chaos. He draws from a range of sources including polling, demographic and historical data to form concise unbiased conclusions that let the numbers do the talking.

At the Matchbook Traders Conference he will be speaking about the future of political betting and how you can profit in a world where surprises are becoming the new normal. He’s not interested in the theatre, but who is going to win. He breaks down politics the way a professional trader breaks down a horse racing market, looking at the form, the most recent data and the markets to construct probabilities. And that makes him one of the most valuable analysts when it comes to the rapidly growing world of political betting.

Traders Panel: Caan Berry, Dan Weston, Peter Webb

The three speakers on this panel comprise some of the leading trading minds in the industry.

Caan Berry: Early in 2009, whilst serving in the Military, Caan stumbled upon the concept of trading bets to lock in a profit. At first, he didn’t take things seriously, but after a series of life-changing events whilst serving in Afghanistan his focus shifted to trading bets. A bold but rewarding move, Caan succeeded. He specialises in trading horse racing odds, market sentiment, and market psychology.

Peter Webb: In June 2000 Peter had the foresight to become one of the very first users of betting exchanges. He has gone on to be one of the longest-serving and most successful users ever. Peter continues to be an active participant on a significant scale. This was demonstrated again at Cheltenham this year when he won on all 28 races at the meeting.

Dan Weston: As a sports analyst specialising in tennis, Dan uses statistical analysis to research and write about tennis pre-match and in-play betting markets. With a degree in Accounting & Finance as background, Dan devised his own pre-match pricing model as well as innovative trading data, and creates match previews and betting articles for his website, www.tennisratings.co.uk.

Plus many more speakers. Click here for more details.

Why Should I Attend The Traders Conference?

Every talk and every panel is geared to helping you make more profitable decisions in the future, whether on the sports you already trade or on markets you may not have previously considered. And it’s not just the panelists and speakers you can learn from, with the room full of some of the sharpest minds in the gambling world.

With their combined wisdom and experience it’s a huge odds-on chance you will gain valuable knowledge and insight from attending. Pro-trader Caan Berry who is talking on the Traders Panel sums it up nicely: “Trading is typically a solitary activity. It’s always good to get out, network and of course have a beer with like-minded people. You never know when the next piece of the puzzle will click into place.”

Where can I get tickets and find out more?

Head to our online ticket sales site and for a limited period you can get 50% off the full ticket price. Simply click on Tickets and enter the code Traders200 to get tickets at a huge 50% saving.

If you want to find out more about the event you can head to the Matchbook Traders Conference website where you can find the full agenda for the day and bios and interviews with all of our speakers.