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Launch: Matchbook Tips, your route to becoming a betting expert

What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence, world-class tipping and a cutting edge betting exchange? The only daily tipping site you will ever need.

Matchbook links up with bettingexpert to provide the most profitable daily tips at the best possible prices in a ground-breaking new partnership

Stop searching for tips! We’ve combined the best tipsters at bettingexpert with cutting edge technology and the best odds from Matchbook to give you daily tips to help you win more.


Betting just got easier, smarter and more profitable with the launch of Matchbook Tips, powered by bettingexpert. The innovative industry first site uses artificial intelligence to scour the bettingexpert site to find daily tips from the most profitable tipsters across a range of 25 sports including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball.

Matchbook’s AI tool is constantly searching the bettingexpert site to pull out the best bets at the best prices available, from bettingexpert’s huge network of proven, knowledgeable tipsters. With detailed advice, price guides, one-click betting and full details on every tip, it’s your one-stop shop for betting advice.

“This type of content partnership is a first within the industry and the real winners here are the Matchbook users, who get real-time access to the highest quality betting tips available online from our global bettingexpert tipster network, directly on their preferred betting platform,”

Gavin Moore, Head of Traffic & Brand at Better Collective, the company behind bettingexpert, says.

A next level betting experience

Matchbook Tips is designed from the ground up using the latest technology to give you the best possible tips for every sport, every day. The site automatically combines the best of bettingexpert with the market-leading pricing of the Matchbook Exchange to give customers an instant shortlist of potential bets for the day’s sporting action.

As part of Matchbook’s aim to provide customers with the tools and knowledge needed to become profitable bettors, this innovative new site breaks the mould for content in the betting sector.

“We’re delighted to use our innovative APIs and tips data to deliver Best Tips Content (bettingexpert) combined with a Best Price Strategy (Matchbook), to serve up a genuine next level betting experience,” – Gavin Moore

Every tip features one-click access to bet directly with Matchbook at the best available price in the market. Matchbook Tips provides the best daily tips and the best value odds all in one place.

Tips you can trust at the best price

Return on investment (ROI) stats are available for all tipsters, as is a record of their recent tips and one click will take you through to the bettingexpert site where you can read the full reasoning behind each and every recommended bet. You can also search by your preferred sport and find links to Matchbook Insights recommended bets and previews. Matchbook Tips is everything you need to find value bets every day.

As Jesse May, Matchbook’s Head of Strategy, explains that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always take our word for it.

“The target price of the tips is always provided, and we believe that where Matchbook has the market, we’ll also have best price. If you can find a better price somewhere else, we encourage you to go grab it,” Jesse May says. “As a betting exchange, we want our customers to be as successful as possible. And this means ensuring we only work with the best quality tipsters.”

Moore adds, “At bettingexpert our competition structure means we only reward our very best, proven profitable tipsters, meaning the quality of our tips are never compromised,”. “We get hundreds of qualified sports betting tips every single day from local tipsters, from all pockets of the world, across 25 different sports.”

A simple aim: help you win

This unique combination between the world’s best betting exchange and the cutting-edge tipping site bettingexpert is the first of its kind, and has only one purpose: to help you to win more.

“Too often in this industry, it seems the affiliate and the provider are working against the bettor, but in this partnership we are both working to create value for the bettor and give it them for free,” Jesse May says.

And as with all the betting advice on Matchbook, the quality of the tips is second to none with a clear price strategy and reasoning given behind all the advised bets.

“The value of the tips from Betting Expert tipsters is documented and verified. While no tip can guarantee a win, finding value is the primary aim of the smart punter, and Betting Expert tipsters provide those in spades,” May says.

Visit tips.matchbook.com  and discover some winning tips for yourself.