2 years ago - 1 minute read

Live Delay Changes

Matchbook is speeding up in-play betting by reducing delays on unmatched offers to give faster access to in-play markets.

Currently, all customers bets on an in-play market are subject to a delay of 1-10 seconds (see terms here). This acts to protect the integrity of the market and allow customers to react to changes in market conditions. For offers that are immediately matched, it’s important to retain this level of protection and this is consistent with how betting exchanges traditionally work.

But for offers that are not immediately matched, we felt this delay was unnecessary, offered no additional protection and simply acted to slow down the market and reduce available liquidity. So, from the 13th of November ’18, we’ve removed the in-play delay from any offers that are not immediately matched with an existing offer on the site.

Throughout 2019, Matchbook will be adding functionality to further improve the betting experience across its range of sports.