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Meet the Speakers: Harry Findlay, The man who won millions and spent every penny


“We all know money can’t buy happiness but gambling is about much more than money.” Harry Findlay would know, he is the man that has won (and spent) more than £20 million. He won the Cheltenham Gold Cup with Denman before being banned from horse racing two years later and lost £2.5 million betting on New Zealand at the 2007 Rugby World Cup. He’s been agonisingly poor and unfathomably rich, often within the same day.

Harry Findlay, as his recently released book, Gambling For Life, describes him, is “the man who dared to risk it all” and is the kind of man you meet once in a lifetime. This is your chance to hear him speak, at the Matchbook Traders Conference on Wednesday 1st November.

What is your area of expertise and what will your talk be focusing on?

I call myself a gambler, not a professional. People have had enough of reading about how much people win and the figures involved – I’m a lot more about the raw edge of gambling and the philosophy behind it.

I am looking forward to speaking about this and parts of my book – I’ll talk about where I think betting is heading and what direction it might take, in particular with regards to betting exchanges and the Tote.

How much have you gained over the years from listening to other gamblers and other points of view?

I have learned a huge amount – I’m always astounded by so-called professional winning gamblers who are so obsessed with their own ability to win. I just want to win full stop. If I think you’re a good judge and you make it pay, then I want your number and I want to add you to my other opinions. I want to go with the flow and be with as many shrewd minds as I can. I like it when we all think the same thing.

A lot of gamblers who really fancy something themselves get the hump if others fancy it. I just want to win.

What is your favourite sport to bet on and why?

I’ve been a football punter all my life and 80% of my winnings have been on football but my favourite sport to bet on has always been the NRL (National Rugby League in Australia). Obviously, there’s less trading in-running, so you have one bet and enjoy it. All the matches are on live and in the mornings and it is sensational. I love it.

What are you looking to get out of the traders conference?

I’m keen to talk about the Cash Out feature that exists now. I think it’s scandalous.

I think it’s an ideal time for me to talk to young punters who are ignorantly cashing out and ignorantly betting the wrong way. If I can help educate young punters in any way, that can only be a good thing.

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