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Meet the Speakers: Peter Webb – Founder of Bet Angel


In June 2000 Peter had the foresight to become one of the very first users of betting exchanges. He has gone on to be one of the longest-serving and most successful users ever. Peter continues to be an active participant on a significant scale. This was demonstrated again at Cheltenham this year when he won on all 28 races at the meeting.

What is your area of expertise and what will your talk be focusing on?

I trade, predominantly, horse racing markets, but also Tennis, Football, Greyhounds, and Golf. I’ll pretty much trade anything with enough liquidity in it, but the last time I checked there were only 24 hours in a day! Lots of sports clash, so I tend to stay in my comfort zones.

I will be speaking about how I started and managed to maintain my edge for 17 years to become one of the largest gamblers ever; by blending financial market experience, with a bit of psychology and some quantitative analysis to get a deep understanding of sports markets and how they behave

Tell us briefly how you ended up in the gambling world?

I started filling out the football pools coupon for my father which meant I started to obsess about how to do it better. This eventually led me to refine the prediction of draws in football matches and win a first dividend on Littlewoods pools.

What are you looking to get out of the Traders Conference?

Betting exchanges have opened many opportunities for ordinary punters and sophisticated users alike. I’m disappointed they don’t dominate the landscape and want to share my experience to encourage people to use them, however they wish.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to improve their betting/trading?

Human nature pervades every market I’ve ever looked at. While it’s important to know what the price should be, it’s equally important to understand why it may be wrong.

What is the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?

To never give up.

What is your favorite sport to bet on and why?

Racing, because nobody can precisely tell what’s going to happen. In my experience uncertainty always creates opportunity.

In your opinion what has been the biggest sporting moment in 2017 so far?

Southampton finally winning a home match.

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