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Meet the team of professional broadcasters, sports bettors, and analysts to help you get an edge with it comes to NFL and NCAA betting.

Emmet Kennedy

Emmet is the glue that holds the Matchbook podcast together and bravely tries to marshal our mix of outspoken experts into some form of agreement on the week’s best bets. Usually, he succeeds. Emmet also presents the hugely popular Final Furlong podcast, and is a Dallas Cowboys fanatic!

Jesse May

Jesse is a devoted fan of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. Jesse is also the resident Matchbook big bet expert, providing odds and data from the exchange, a running tally of bets, an unnerving enthusiasm for winning bets and some bizarre pronunciations. Aside from his work with Matchbook, Jesse is one of the foremost gambling writers and broadcasters in the world and is perhaps most famously known as the voice of poker

Brad Allen

Brad covers the gambling industry for trade rag EGR, but is never happier than when hunting for value on US sports markets where he takes a data-led approach to finding the best bets on the NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC and any other three letter acronym you want to throw at him. He specialises in even money player and team handicap markets but has been known to throw up a hail mary every now and again.

Neil Channing

Neil is one of Britain’s best known and most successful professional gamblers, and a man who is never afraid to give a (very entertaining) long answer to a short question. A mix of old-school gambler and new-school statshound, he spends hours pouring over data and form to find nuggets of value in any and every sport. Neil co-founded the Betting where he focuses on racing, NFL and anywhere he can nick a bit of value.

Cian Fahey

Cian Fahey is the author of the Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue and a regular on ESPN. He hosts The Nickel Package, an ESPN podcast, on Tuesdays with David Jacoby and is a regular on Sportscenter as well as The Right Time with Bomani Jones. Cian has previously written for Bleacher Report and the Guardian.

Steve O'Rourke

Steve's love of American football came from a misspent youth listening to too many N.W.A Records which, in turn, inspired support of the then-LA Raiders. He has since become the first journalist in Ireland whose main focus is the NFL, covering the sport for since 2011. His longstanding betting philosophy is to take the points when they're on offer.

Aidan O'Sullivan

Matchbook’s resident US sports expert Aidan is an ex-trader and odds compiler with a major Sportsbook specialising in American Sports and Rugby Union. A long suffering New York Jets fan, Aidan's NFL & NCAA previews can regularly be found on Matchbook Insights.

Adam Chernoff

Adam Chernoff is an established bookmaker with a five-year track record in South America and the Caribbean. He speaks from experience and has built a reputation of providing incisive market analysis for the NFL. There is something to learn in each of his publishings.

Eoin McCarthy

Matchbook's Horse Racing expert also has a keen eye for NFL, he loves a home dog and finding value in market overreactions. He is a Texans fan, but don't let that fool you, he gambles with his head not his heart and will help you find the best value possible on Matchbook.

Todd Fuhrman

Todd Fuhrman is a legendary US sports handicapper and ex-odds maker at Caesars Sportsbook in Las Vegas. Todd can be regularly found on TV & radio in the US and as a guest on the Matchbook Podcast, and hosts the hugely popular Bet The Board Podcast.

Michael Carlson

Mike Carlson has been the leading broadcaster of American sport in the UK for 25 years, and been the face of American football for BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Screensport, Eurosport and Sky. A dual national who's lived in Britain for 40 years, he's also written three books on film directors, and committed journalism for outlets as varied as the FT, Spectator, Guardian, Pro Football Weekly and Headpress, and presented the Americarnage and Crime Vault Live podcasts. He's covering the NFL this year for BBC TV and Talksport radio and appears as a guest twice a month on the Matchbook Podcast.