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Post More, Win More!

Not everyone is good at haggling. Most of us don’t want to spend our lives arguing over the price of everything we buy, but most of us are also paying more than we need to, especially when it comes to betting.

Being a winning bettor isn’t about finding winning bets, it’s about consistently beating the price as we explain here. So why take a bad price? If you don’t like the price on offer then just ask for another one by posting an offer.

Posting offers is where you can really extract the most value from a betting exchange like Matchbook. It means choosing your own odds and your own stakes. It puts you in control of the action and allows you to squeeze even more value from every single be

Patience is a virtue

Posting offers also has a big benefit on your commission rate. The commission on posted offers is a tiny 0.75%. On a typical £100 bet at 2.0 that’s a commission payment of just 75p. So better odds, less commission and more control. What’s not to like?

If it’s so easy and so much better value then why don’t more people do it? Well because you have to be a little bit more patient than a standard sportsbook bettor looking to get a quick tenner on the football. Your posted offer may not be matched immediately but all good things come to those who wait.

While Matchbook is normally a better price than the bookmakers, if you can turn those 3.0 bets into 3.1 on a regular basis, or turn those 1.8 lays into 1.7 this will add up to a lot in the long-term. And it adds up to even more when you factor in commission.

How Posted Odds makes you money

Take this example of a bet matched using Posted Odds (that’s odds already on offer on the exchange).

You back Bayern Munich at 3.76 for a stake of £100.


You will pay £5.07 in commission.

This is equal to 1.75% on your profit of £276.

Now let’s look at what happens if that back bet was placed using a Posted Offer:

You back Bayern Munich at 3.9 for a stake of £100.


You will pay £2.18 in commission.

This is equal to 0.75% on your profit of £290.

So to recap it’s the same bet, but you’ve won more money and paid less commission. Why on earth are you not trying to do this more?

So how does it impact your profit?

The impact on your commission has a big impact on the long-term, which is the timeframe over which every bettor should be thinking. Let’s look at what happens if you make 100 bets at 2.0 for £100 each.

If you’re disciplined about your betting and carefully research your bets you may win 55 of those bets and lose 45. This would be considered a solid win rate by most professional bettors and is one you should be more than happy with. Based on that let’s run the numbers.

Your total stakes would be £10,000 with a profit before commission of £1,000. This is equivalent to your profits of £5,500 (55 x £100) minus your losses of £4,500 (45 x £100).

If you placed all 100 bets using accepted offers your total commission payments would be 100 x £1.50 or £150. So your total NET PROFIT is £850. Not bad, but let’s try posting some offers.

Here because we are positing we ask for slightly better odds of 2.02. This means your profit before commission is now £1,110. This is equivalent to your profits of £5,610 (55 x £102) and losses of £4,500.


If you placed all 100 bets using posted offers your total payments would be 100 x £0.75 or £75. So your total NET PROFT is £1,025. That’s a huge £175 difference from taking the price on offer at 2.0.

Let’s look at it another way, in terms of return on investment ((ROI). Your ROI on your £10,000 in stakes in scenario 1 is 8.5%. This means on average you make 8.5% profit on every bet. In scenario 2 your ROI is 10.25%!

Stop, wait and watch

Before you start rushing out to post offers to back a 2/1 shot at 10/1, a few words of caution. Don’t whatever you do simply bet and forget. This is especially dangerous with in-play markets.

Odds can move rapidly and an offer you put up in-play asking for 3.0 on Liverpool when everyone else is laying 2.0 can come back and bite you if they go 1-0 down and you’re now asking for a price well below the current odds of 5.0.

Put simply don’t make offers that you don’t monitor. Even a pre-match market can move suddenly away from you if you’re not careful so always keep a close eye on offers you’ve made.

Go carefully and posting offers can help you make more money on every single bet, and even lose less on losing bets. You can’t always get what you want, but when it comes to finding the right odds to bet on, if you try sometimes you can get what you need.