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Profiting from Bookmaker Bonuses

If you’ve profited from our initial guide (read it here if not) then you should have amassed an impressive collection of bookmaker accounts. And by now you should be receiving a host of incentives to persuade you to keep betting. Bookies frequently throw customers a tasty bone – be it a free bet, enhanced odds or other promotions – to keep them happy and to cultivate loyalty.

Football is where you’ll find most offers for existing customers, together with normally the best liquidity on the exchanges, which provides great opportunities to execute a successful matched betting strategy. And the good news is it’s possible to accumulate consistent, risk-free profits from these magnanimous gestures.

One of the best offers that regularly crops up comes from online bookie bet365. It states that if you place a pre-match bet on a match of their choosing, bet365 will refund any losses on an in-play bet to the same stake (maximum £50). This is a goldmine for a matched better so let’s have a look at some options.

How to lock in a profit

Firstly you need to avoid matching your bets on bet365, as they will quickly restrict your access to this offer. The key is to use a betting exchange for your matched betting. Let’s say this offer applies to Chelsea versus Bayern Munich in a crunch Champions League encounter where draw is chalked up at 3.6 with bet365 while the lay price on an exchange is 3.7.

A £50 bet on the draw at 3.6 creates a potential profit of £125. By using a matched betting calculator like http://www.nrbet.com/matched-betting-calculator/ it suggests laying the draw for £49.32 with a liability of £133.15. You stand to lose £3.15 on the bet. OK so far so unexciting but, crucially, you get to repeat the process and profit from the free in-play bet.

Now let’s imagine the match kicks off and the German side takes the lead after 10 minutes. Chelsea’s odds with bet365 fly out to 12.0. Their lay odds on the exchange rise to 13.5. Bigger odds mean bigger profits with this strategy, so if you quickly back the Blues for £50 at 12.0 and, using the bet matcher tool, lay them for £40.89 at 13.5 it will mean a guaranteed profit of £38.85.

Subtracting the earlier loss means you are ahead to the tune of £35.70. It’s worth bearing in mind that prices are usually volatile in play so you might be better off placing the free bet and the lay bet at half time when things have settled down. But either way, tidy profits can be netted with this offer.

Taking a punt

While not quite as generous you will regularly see offers on Paddy Power and other bookmaker sites for a free £10 in-play bet if you bet £20 pre-match. Guaranteed profits here are going to be smaller, but it’s still possible to achieve by matching both bets, ensuring the larger bet has a lay price as close as possible to the back price.

For example if Arsenal were playing Sevilla at home in a Europa League game we might see the Gunners at 1.75 to back and 1.78 to lay. Using a bet calculator we can see this will give us a small £0.42 loss on the two bets (with Matchbook’s 1% commission). This effectively gives us a £10 free bet to play with where we can either use another matched bet or just take more of a risk.

One tactic with free bets is to use them for longshot bets where we feel we have some value. To understand what we mean by value then read this article to find out *link to what is value article here*. As it’s a genuinely free bet and you don’t get the stake returned it’s often worth a punt at longer odds to see if you can really make the bookies pay.

Stay loyal

Ultimately, profiting from promotions means keeping an eye out for opportunities to use an exchange to lock in guaranteed returns no matter the result. Some offers come regular as clockwork, though. For instance, SkyBet has a loyalty offer where if you bet £25 a week at odds or evens (2.0) or more you receive a £5 free bet – every single week.

Through bet matching this can guarantee a weekly profit of at least £3. Ok, it’s only £3 but it’s still a risk-free return, which all adds to your bankroll. Little and often soon adds up. Indeed, there are dedicated matched betting aficionados who are making thousands of pounds each year and blogging about their progress along the way.

Give it a try and you too should see your bankroll soar steadily upwards.