Tom Stanley
9 months ago - 1 minute read

Tom Stanley’s Beginners Guide To Back Bets

  • A back bet is putting your money on a horse to win. As long as that horse wins the race, you win!
  • If you like a particular horse and think it will win, for whatever reason, then you’d back it. So long as you’re happy with the odds, you should be backing it.
  • Equally, if a race is very open, you may choose to back one or two horses you like. A smaller outlay for bigger potential rewards.
  • On an exchange, the odds are decimalised. So a horse that is 11.0 on an exchange is 10/1 in fractional odds. To flip between the two just take 1 off the decimal odds.
  • Odds of 2.0 is even money and anything starting with a 1 such as 1.5 is odds-on.