Football Podcast Tips: EURO 2024 Matchday 3

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Daniel Hussey summarises all the tips from our Euro 2024 Matchday 3 Preview featuring Mark O’Haire and Adrian Clarke…

It’s hard to believe we’re at the final round of group games at the Euros.

This competition has been mesmerising both on and off the pitch and shows exactly what can be done in an international tournament if hosted in football-obsessed countries.

Ireland and the UK will get their turn in four years and that will be a truly unbelievable few weeks.

On to this week’s action with Mark and Adrian outlining the permutations for us all.

It’s worth the watch/listen, but you can catch up with all the bets below…

Albania vs Spain (Mon 20:00)

Croatia vs Italy (Mon 20:00)

France vs Poland (Tue 17:00)

Netherlands vs Austria (Tue 17:00)

Denmark vs Serbia (Tue 20:00)

England vs Slovenia (Tue 20:00)

Slovakia vs Romania (Wed 17:00)

Ukraine vs Belgium (Wed 17:00)

  • Mark – BTTS (1.8)

Georgia vs Portugal (Wed 20:00)

Czechia vs Turkey (Wed 20:00)

Best Matchday 3 Long-Shot

Best Matchday 3 Bets

Watch Our EURO 2024 Matchday 3 Preview:

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