Jonathan Wilson Joins Matchbook's Champions League Team

2 min

A brand new Champions League season comes with a brand new lineup for our podcast team!

Man City vs PSG, Liverpool vs Atlético, Inter vs Real Madrid, Barca vs Bayern, Chelsea vs Juve.

Just some of the mouthwatering group matches ahead of us in the coming months!

To add to the excitement, we are delighted to announce that esteemed Football journalist Jonathan Wilson will be joining our podcast team for the season ahead. Jonathan’s extensive knowledge of the game from across the continent, coupled with the best betting mind in the game in the shape of Mark O’Haire, has us in good shape ahead of Matchday 1.

Barring complications, we aim to Go Live on Matchbook’s social channels each Matchday week on Monday at 11 am, and the audio track will be released to all major podcast apps as soon as possible post-recording.

The best aspect of the live recording is the live interactions we get from you, our loyal viewers, so feel free to get in touch and get your betting questions into the guys.

The first recording this season will be on Monday, the 13th of September.

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