Matchbook Irish St Leger Outright & 2nd Round Fancies

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A sneak peek at what Ian Fortune and Dylan Brennan are backing in the Matchbook Irish St Leger at Limerick!

Some terrific Insights from Ian and Dylan once again this week as the Matchbook Irish St Leger begins to heat up. The fact that they both made a case for Jacob Tashadelek to varying degrees certainly has raised my antenna.

The lads also indulge us with their top heat selections on Saturday which will be streamed live on ?

Matchbook Irish St Leger Outrights (Ian)

  • Explosive Boy (7.6)
  • Jacob Tashadelek (21.0)
  • Russian Glory (30.0)
  • Sentimental Lad (55.0)

Matchbook St Leger Outrights (Dylan)

  • Deerjet Sydney (18.5)
  • Jacob Tashadelek (21.0)
  • Glengar Bale (48.0)

Second Round Best Bets

  • Sentimental lad (Ian)
  • Glengar Bale (Dylan)

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