Adam Chernoff: Stubbornness Is An Asset - NFL Week Four

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Not long ago, I had to make my first resume.

I never created a resume before and was not sure how to do it. I pulled up a template on Google to guide me.

The website suggested beginning with a career profile describing myself.

I put, “Son of a farmer and a teacher. I can relate and converse with anyone because I came from the worst and had lived with the best. Willing to outwork anyone and very stubborn in my ways.”

I did not get the job and everyone I showed the resume to laughed at me.

As I am told, in the business world, no one cares about your background and most important of all, stubbornness is NOT a quality to list under applicable skills.

I understood the background comments, but I was shocked when I heard being stubborn was viewed a bad thing.

To me, being stubborn is a big asset. I want to be strong in my ways. I want to be firm chasing after a goal despite being told otherwise.

I think this is particularly the case in gambling and perhaps is why I have done so well. I am confident in what I do, and I do not waiver.

Jags to Roar again this week

Backing the Jacksonville Jaguars this week is a perfect example of my stubbornness.

Jacksonville has burned me many times. Too many to count. Friends who I respect as bettors in my network have told me not to bet them this week.

I just can not help myself. I have to bet what I believe to be true.

Jaguars QB Blake Bortles looked calm and composed last week vs the Ravens.

I will get the bad out of the way first.

Blake Bortles on the road giving three points coming off a game in London with no bye week receiving significant market support and a price moving the other way with influential money.

This is a horrible handicapping situation.

I can not defend that. I can not ignore that. I will not try sugar coat it.

I will counter it – however.

I believe that despite the bad handicapping situation, the matchups on the field which heavily favour Jacksonville make up for it, and then some.

I do not see a gameplan Jets coach Todd Bowles can put in place to keep QB Josh Mccown (loser of 27 of his last 30 starts) upright.

The Jets have Wesley Johnson the 33rd graded center in the league and Brandon Shell, the 64th graded tackle in the league. How bad are those ratings? Consider the fact there are only 32 starting centers and 64 starting tackles in the NFL.

The Jaguars line up their two best linemen directly across from the Jets liabilities. Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue rank 4th and 10th at their positions.

Josh Mccown is going to have pressure in his face and coming from his right side the entire game. He will be forced to roll left and throw across his body. An uncomfortable play to make for any Quarterback.

The Jaguars A.J Bouye intercepts Ravens QB Joe Flacco last week at Wembley. Bouye and fellow CB Jalen Ramsey will look to have similar success this week.

I question who Mccown will have open receivers to throw too. Jacksonville has top-rated cornerback Jalen Ramsey on one side and a very aggressive playmaking corner AJ Bouye on the other. The Jaguars also have two linebackers who can keep pace with tight ends and defend.

The Jets offense is horrendous. They have faced the 25th, and 29th ranked defenses the past two weeks and mustered just 5.0 yards per play (half a yard below league average).

They cannot be competitive against this Jacksonville defense. Scoring two offensive touchdowns will be a challenge.

My Power Ratings and Net Yards Per Play table produce a suggested point spread of Jacksonville -8 and Jacksonville -7. Both well higher than the current point spread of Jacksonville -3.

Call me stubborn or whatever you may, but, I can not pass on the opportunity to back the Jaguars this week.

I am standing strong with my numbers and opinions. I predict a double-digit victory for Jacksonville.

Week Three Bets:

Jacksonville Jaguars -3 at 1.89

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