Matchbook's NFL Team Confirmed

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Roll on the NFL Season!

If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it!

That’s very much the approach we’ve taken this year by keeping our team of Drew Dinsick, Rob Pizolla and Fabian Sommer intact. An added bonus is the fact that we will have Rob each and every week this season as opposed to every other week.

At Matchbook, we aim to produce quality, engaging, original and innovative content that informs and educates our audience base.

If you’re in the market for fluffy narratives and useless betting trends, then this podcast is not for you.

Barring complications, we aim to Go Live on Matchbook’s social channels each Wednesday at 14:45 UK time (09:45 EST), and the audio track will be released to all major podcast apps as soon as possible post-recording. We loved the interactions from our audience on the broadcasts last season, so feel free to get in touch and get your betting questions into the guys.

The first recording this season will be on Wednesday, the 8th of September.

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In the immortal words of Bart Scott – CAN’T WAIT

We’ll have plenty of cool NFL specific offers paired up with the Podcast this season, but this one ain’t so shabby either:

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