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NFL: Week 15 Best Bets

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Host Daniel Hussey summarises all the NFL Week 15 Best Bets put up on the podcast…

Tom Brady and the Bucs are dead to most of us after last week, but they’re still more than likely going to make the playoffs.

That’s for another day, as Drew, Rob and Suuma shared their thoughts for the upcoming Sunday (and Saturday!) action this week.

Three best bets below, plus five marquee games covered in what was a bumper episode.

Check it out on our YouTube channel with time stamps for each game available in the description.

Drew Dinsick’s Best NFL Week 15 Bet

Perhaps a slight hedge given some of Drew’s futures on the Eagles, but he’s taking the Bears to cover here at +9.

With Jalon Hurts and co having a very easy schedule throughout the season, Drew’s expecting Chicago to make this game competitive.

Recommended Bet: Eagles @ BEARS +9.0 (1.94)

Rob Pizzola’s Best NFL Week 15 Bet

The Bucs are dead to Rob and he won’t be making that best bet mistake for the rest of the season (or ever again!!).

While the Panthers have gotten their act together in recent weeks, Rob isn’t as convinced as most.

He’s taking the Steelers to cover the three in Carolina.

Recommended Bet: STEELERS +3.0 @ Panthers (1.9)

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Suuma’s Best NFL Week 15 Bet

Suuma got the overs up in CAR/SEA last week and hopes to do the same in Jacksonville on Sunday.

He’s taking Over 48.0 at 1.94 on Matchbook at the time of recording.

Recommended Bet: Cowboys @ Jags – OVER 48.0 (1.94)

Other NFL Week 15 Bets

  • Rob: COLTS +4.0 @ Vikings (1.96)
  • Suuma: Cardinals @ BRONCOS -3.0 (1.91)
  • Drew: Falcons @ Saints – UNDER 44.0 (1.9)
  • Rob: Lions @ JETS ML (1.94)
  • Drew/Rob: Cowboys @ JAGS +4.0 (1.96)
  • Drew: Titans @ Chargers – OVER 47.0 (1.97)

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