Betting on an exchange can seem daunting at first. So let’s take a look at the basics of Matchbook Betting Exchange


While an exchange market may look complicated with lots of numbers and different colour boxes, it can be explained quite easily.

The first thing that stands out are the blue and pink boxes. The blue columns represent what’s available to back. Back betting is when you are betting on something happening. The pink columns represent what’s available to lay. Lay betting is when you are betting on something NOT happening. In these boxes, the bold numbers are the odds.

The monetary number underneath the odds represents the amount of money you can bet on those odds while guaranteeing your bet will be matched.

The percentage number at the top of some markets is what is called an overround. The overround is a clear and quick guide to how much value there is in any specific market. The bigger the overround, the further from the true odds the market in question is, so the closer the percentage number is on either side of the betting – the better it is for you.

Lastly – the Matched Volume number under the event title is the total amount of volume that has been matched on the entire event.