Ep 4: Matchbook Meets...Terry Dartnall

1 min

Matchbook Meets… is a new series from Matchbook where we interview different personalities about their chosen sport.

Episode 4 saw Ian Fortune sit down with greyhound punter Terry Dartnall.

Terry told many stories about life in the sport, his first time meeting Roger Waters and his best punting days.

Terry Dartnall on life in greyhounds

Terry spoke at length about what got him into greyhound racing.

He shared some of his favourite memories, including meeting the many famous owners he would get involved in.

See the clip below of the time he met Roger Waters.

Terry Dartnall Quick-fire Round

Every episode of Matchbook Meets features a quick-fire round with guests.

Questions include:

  • Best day
  • Worst day
  • Biggest single win
  • Biggest Acca
  • Dream dinners guests (you + 3)
  • Best advice

Find out Terry’s answers below!

Watch Episode 4 of Matchbook Meets… Terry Dartnall

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