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Ep 2: Matchbook Meets...Mark O'Haire

2 min

Matchbook Meets… is a new monthly series from Matchbook where we interview different personalities about their chosen sport. For Episode 2, we chat to football betting expert and Matchbook Football Betting Podcast contributor Mark O’Haire.

We cover a range of topics from using statistics in football betting, staking system and why fun should be at the forefront of your betting strategy.

Mark O’Haire On Using Statistics

Mark references a lot of data when picking out selections for Matchbook Football Betting Podcast listeners and he made reference to them in our chat.

Everything for xG all the way to injury updates, Mark makes sure he has everything covered.

Mark O’Haire On Staking

Mark is very old-school when it comes to staking, using more or less the same stake for each bet. For him it simplifies the process as he has certain criteria to hit (including a checklist) before making something a bet.

Mark O’Haire On Keeping It Fun

Fun should be paramount to your betting strategy. There’s a school of thought that the public love backing the overs so you should therefore go against them by backing the unders.

However, Mark believes nobody wants to be sitting there cheering on low-scoring games so he always tries to find a value angle into backing something which is fun to cheer on.

It’s supposed to be fun so why not make it fun?

Episode 1 of Matchbook Meets… is available here.

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