Bryony Frost Injury Update

2 min

I have had results from my final CT scan and finally have some positive news! The report back from Jerry Hill showed that my internal injuries I suffered at Newton Abbot on July 6th have healed. I have been at Oaksey House for 2 weeks and have slowly been increasing my exercise and getting the body moving again.

My head is wanting to move faster than my body can, but the team at Oaksey House are not only rebuilding my strength and putting my body back together, but they are also teaching me respect and patience! I am still working on the patience side of things!

Oaksey House is a fantastic Rehabilitation Centre, funded by the Injured Jockeys Fund. It’s a place which is constantly growing with new ways to get jockeys back faster and stronger, I’m very lucky to be here.

I have not got a date set for when I will be back race riding, but if my body keeps moving in the right direction it hopefully won’t be long! Only when my body is 100% ready will I return. It’s my job to carry my horse, not his job to carry me. I can not wait to be back out there trying to get the best results for the teams I am riding for.