Matchbook’s Colossus Thanksgiving Syndicate

5 min

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than a turkey sandwich in front of the telly and Matchbook’s Colossus NFL syndicate? We pick’em, you bet’em and hopefully we all end up hitting the Black Friday sales with a bit of a boost to the balance.

Colossus syndicates are simple. They are crowdfunded bets where a syndicate leader, in this case Team Matchbook, picks out a slate of bets on the NFL point spread jackpot pool and you can buy a percentage of the total bet amount. If we win you win the same percentage of the jackpot or whatever the bet is cashed out for.

Each week we’ll explain the bets and why we choose them and if you like our thinking then simply buy in and come along for the ride. You can choose to join the Pick 4 or if you want a bigger risk and bigger return join us for the big Pick 7. Redzone will never be the same again.

This week’s picks with Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan:

  • Pick 4
  • Cost: £2
  • Jackpot: £4,469

Bears @ Lions – Bears by 1-12 and Lions by 1-6

The Bears look a strong side here but there are doubts around starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky as he’s carrying a shoulder injury so we need to be a little cautious here. The Bears look unlikely to blow out the Lions here and the result feels like the Bears win, but not by much, so playing safe looks wise and a cover bet on the Panthers is advised.

Cowboys @ Redskins – Cowboys by 7-18

Washington’s starting Quarterback has broken his leg so we have the wonderfully named Colt McCoy stepping in against a red-hot Dallas team who should cover the spread here. The Cowboys are running the ball well, won their last two games on the road and the Redskins have just three days rest and a lot of injuries to contend with so Cowboys by more than 6 seems the play.

Sully is hoping that the tandem of OC Steve Sarkisian and QB Matt Ryan will do enough to stay some bit close with the Saints.

Falcons @ Saints – Saints by 7-18

The Saints are so good at home and look like they can score at will, but the Falcons have enough offensive weapons to score at least three touchdowns so it might make this one fairly close by the final whistle. A score of something like 35-21 is where this might land so keeping close to the spread seems wise here and Saints by more than 6 and less than 19 is where we’re going.

Seahawks @ Panthers – Seahawks by either 7-12 or 13-18

The Seahawks are the best rushing team in the NFL right now, which means if they do win they are unlikely to win by much. This is a must-win game for both teams, but it feels even more important for the Seahawks and the best chance they have of winning is by controlling the clock and winning ugly. So the Seahawks by less than 13 seems like a smart option for our final bet.

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