Matchbook's NFL Week 1 Colossus Syndicate

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The NFL season returns with a bang and so does the Matchbook NFL Colossus Syndicate!

Colossus syndicates are simple. They are crowdfunded bets where a syndicate captain, in this case, Team Matchbook, picks out a slate of bets on the NFL point spread jackpot pool and you can buy a percentage of the total bet amount. If we win, you win! When Team Matchbook wins a jackpot or accepts a Cash Out offer, the prize will be split amongst each contributor in proportion to the % of the ticket they own.

Each week we’ll explain the bets and why we choose them and if you like our thinking then simply buy in and come along for the ride. Redzone will never be the same again.

This week’s picks with Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan:

Pick 7
Cost: £12.80 for 10%
Jackpot: £100k

Titans @ Browns – Browns by 7-18

Struggle to see how the Titans move the ball against the Browns in this one. Yes, the Browns are still probably a bit overblown in the hype stakes but find it hard to envision Tennessee getting to 17 points here but can easily make the case for the Browns Offense to break into the 24 to 31 region.

Ravens @ Dolphins – Ravens by 7-18

I get the sense that the Fins are well and truly already in tank mode this season and I expect a ravenous flock of Ravens to take advantage. Tempted to push higher than 18 here but that Baltimore Offense will still be pretty run-heavy so expect that game clock to keep ticking!

Falcons @ Vikings – Falcons by 1-12

Probably the toughest game to call on this week’s slate but after much wrangling, I’ve come down on the side of the road team on this one. Doubts over Vikings game breaker Steffon Diggs helps this decision as does my impressions that the Falcons Offense led by Matt Ryan will have a much improved season.

Giants @ Cowboys – Either Team to win by 1-6

I expect this game to go well under the current total of 45.5 (Big on the First Half Under FWIW!!) and think the Giants line of +7.5 is about a field goal too big. Expect a tough divisional matchup in Big D and whoever wins will do it by less than a TD.

49ers @ Buccaneers – Either Team to win by 7-12

The Total is plus 50 in this one and with good reason. Finding it difficult to see how either Defense makes stops here. It’s tough to pick a side also so I’ve decided to willingly fall between two stools here and take either side over 1 TD but not in a blowout!

Steelers @ Patriots – Steelers by 1-6s

It’s addition by subtraction for the Steelers coming into this season with the distractions of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell elsewhere nowadays. I think they win this one outright but not by more than six.

Texans @ Saints – Texans by 7-18

The Monday night lights will shine brightly on Deshaun Watson and the Texans Offense in the Bayou. Yes it’s always tough to bet against the Saints on home turf but they’re notoriously slow starters in recent years and I think that trend continues here.

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