Matchbook's NFL Week 13 Colossus Syndicate

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What a week that was! It was a close sweat in the final game but the Seahawks came through to give us four from four and a jackpot win in our Matchbook’s Colossus NFL syndicate. And we’re not stopping there as this week we’re taking a shot at the Pick 7.

Colossus syndicates are simple. They are crowdfunded bets where a syndicate leader, in this case, Team Matchbook, picks out a slate of bets on the NFL point spread jackpot pool and you can buy a percentage of the total bet amount. If we win you win the same percentage of the jackpot or whatever the bet is cashed out for.

Each week we’ll explain the bets and why we choose them and if you like our thinking then simply buy in and come along for the ride. Redzone will never be the same again.

This week’s picks with Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan:

  • Pick 7
  • Cost: £5.00 for 10%
  • Jackpot: £100,178

Broncos @ Bengals – Bengals by 1-6 or Broncos by eith 1-12

The big issue in this game is the Bengals quarterback position with Andy Dalton out the new man Jeff Driskel a bit of an unknown quantity. Their opponents, the Broncos, are on a roll but look unlikely to blow anybody out so a win by 12 or less seems a safe bet. But so many unknowns in this game we’ll have a saver on the Bengals at 1-6 too.

Bears @ Giants – Bears by 7-18

The Bears defense will likely crush Giant’s quarterback Eli Manning and although superstar running back Saquon Barkley has been flying the Bears defence is a really tough one to run against. There are still some doubts on the quarterback position at the Bears but it really doesn’t matter who you put out there they will still beat the Giants. The Giants defence will do enough to keep them close for most of the game though so we will keep to 7-18 point here.

Ravens @ Falcons – Ravens or Falcons by 1-6

This is a really hard game to call and is a classic pick’em where we really want to be on both sides. I’d expect this to be a close game and either the Ravens or Falcons by less than a touchdown looks the smart call. If this game was in Baltimore we’d expect the Ravens to win by two touchdowns, but the Falcons are generally strong at home and the dome should be a bit of an equaliser.

49ers @ Seahawks – Seahawks by 13-18

When I first looked at this game I had the handicap line at around 14 and although it opened up at 10 I still feel the Seahawks will win by around two touchdowns here. Although it’s tough to see any other result than a comfortable win for Seattle, I don’t think it will be an absolute blowout because the Seahawks will manage the clock by running the ball a whole lot so we will stick with Seattle by 13-18.

Seahawks QB Russel Wilson was the star of the show last week vs the Panthers.

Vikings @ Patriots – Patriots by 1-6 or Vikings by 1-12

I like the Vikings here, but I want to have a slight saver on the Patriots as there is always the chance Tom Brady manages to pull something out of the bag at the end. The most likely result though is a Vikings win in a fairly close game as they have enough offensive weapons to do damage against a defense that doesn’t impress and their win on Sunday night against Green Bay might be a turning point for them to kick on in the chase for a wildcard playoff spot.

Chargers @ Steelers – Steelers by 7-18

The Chargers played their last couple of games in warm weather climates and now they travel to a cold Pittsburgh to face a Steelers team looking to bounce back. This could be a tough game for the LA team and running back Melvin Gordon is a big miss for them too as without him they might become a bit one dimensional. Big Ben will be looking to make up for last week and the Steelers by 7-18 seems attractive here.

Redskins @ Eagles – Eagles by 7-12

It’s really hard to see a Redskins win in this game, although it’s also hard to see their opponents pulling away. The Eagles may have found something in coming back to beat the Giants last weekend but in truth they’re still not very good and don’t look like blowing teams out yet. But last year’s Super Bowl winners should get a result here and a margin of 7-12 looks a solid option to round out our picks for the week.

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