Matchbook’s NFL Wildcard Colossus Syndicate

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It’s playoff time! And we’re looking to capture some of that winning feeling with another shot at the Matchbook Colossus NFL syndicate. After hitting the jackpot last year with one of our Pick 4 syndicates we’re hoping for a deep run in the wildcard games to start the year off right and we want you to be part of it.

Colossus syndicates are simple. They are crowdfunded bets where a syndicate leader, in this case Team Matchbook, picks out a slate of bets on the NFL point spread jackpot pool and you can buy a percentage of the total bet amount. If we win you win the same percentage of the jackpot or whatever the bet is cashed out for.

Each week we’ll explain the bets and why we choose them and if you like our thinking then simply buy in and come along for the ride. Redzone will never be the same again.

This week’s picks with Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan:

Pick 4
Cost: £2
Jackpot: A share of £10k+

Colts @ Texans – Colts by 1-12 or Texans by 1-12

This is the hardest game to call of the weekend, it’s close to a pick’em here at Matchbook and it’s a pick’em for a reason as these are two very closely matched teams and as a result, we’ve gone 1-12 on both sides. The ability to take this sort of position is the beauty of the Colossus where if we feel there is no edge we can hedge our bets and keep our bet alive going into the second game. So let’s take no risks and move on to the next one.

Seahawks @ Cowboys – Seahawks by 1-12 or Cowboys by 1-6

This is another game where we need to hedge our bets a bit, but I favour the Seahawks here. They have a better coach and a better quarterback and while they clearly have defensive weaknesses they would be favourites on a neutral field. But this game is played in Dallas so we need a small saver on the Cowboys who have home advantage here. If the Cowboys do win they won’t win by much so we can take 1-6 here on the other side.

Sully gives the edge to the Seahawks led by QB Russell Wilson

Chargers @ Ravens – Chargers by 1-6 or Ravens by 1-6

This is a one-score game with the Chargers facing up to the number one defence in the NFL, but it’s the matchup between the Ravens offense and Chargers defence that is interesting and I think the Chargers will have learned a lot from the last game on how to slow down this Ravens offense. This game is played in Baltimore, but the Chargers are better on the road than at home too and I feel they should be able to slow them down enough to keep this one close.

Eagles @ Bears – Bears by 7-18

This one is all about Da Bears! And their powerhouse defense means the Nick Foles express is scheduled to make its last stop in Chicago on Sunday night. The return of the Super Bowl MVP to the Eagles starting line-up has been one of the stories of the season so far, but The Bears aren’t going to give this fairy story a happy ending for Eagles fans. The Bears are very had to score against, and playing at home I see them winning by 10-14 points here with their offence doing enough to keep the scoreboard ticking over. It’s unlikely to be a blowout but should be a fairly comfortable win to close out the weekend’s action.

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