Wednesday Night Sports TV Guide

6 min

Matchbook’s Aidan O’Sullivan points you in the best direction for the best of tonight’s sporting tv!

With the cancellation of Irish racing in the past 24 hours, we are down to the absolute bare bones in terms of live sports and while nobody likes to live in the past, we sports nuts better get used to it for the foreseeable future. Fear not though folks, there are some pretty decent viewing opportunities on the telly-box tonight.

Sole Man

Watch It: BT Sports 2 (16:45)

From the storied 30 for 30 ESPN Series, directors Dan Marks and Jon Weinbach take a deep dive into the story of Sonny Vaccaro. While most famous for signing Michael Jordon to his first sneaker deal with Nike, Vaccaro had an immense affect on high school basketball out stateside with the formation of the ABCD camp in 1984. Rarely out of the spotlight the Pennsylvania native also had tenures with Adidas and Reebok whilst also becoming a high profile advocate in favour of payments to student-athletes.

BT Sports Films: Two Tribes

Watch It: BT Sports 2 (19:30)

Closer to home comes a fascinating tale of the city of Liverpool in the ’80s and how both Everton and Liverpool gave Merseysiders hope amidst social unrest. A city beat down by the Thatcher government were given the ultimate relief of success at Anfield and Goodison Park with both teams carrying the mantle for Merseyside. Interviews from players of both sides wrapped up with the thoughts of some lesser-known Liverpudlians and a terrific soundtrack makes this documentary a must watch!

Celtics/Lakers: Best Of Enemies

Watch It: BT Sports 2 (21:00-02:00)

This is a three-parter folks so maybe best to set it for DVR but either way, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Boston vs LA
  • Bird vs Magic
  • Blue Collar vs Hollywood Glitz

Not so much a David vs Goliath type thing but contrasts are easy to find with the famous Celtics and Lakers rivalry. While their rivalry goes back much further, this documentary focuses on the ’80s when the teams combined for eight titles and 13 NBA Finals appearances. Five hours in length across three episodes but hey it’s not like we’re under pressure for time right now!

How The 1999 Ryder Cup Was Won

Watch It: Sky Sports Golf (21:30)

While most of us really do not want to see those awful USA Sunday uniforms we must also tip our hat to a terrific Yanks comeback at the famous Brookline course. Europe led 10-6 coming into the final day but Justin Leonard and co’ produced a stunning comeback that will long live in the memories of the US fans. Let’s be honest though, no team does a Ryder Cup comeback like Europe so we’ll let them savour this one.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive

Watch It: Netflix

No time pressure on this one but man alive this is one hell of a watch. While I was a big fan back in the days of the Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill rivalry, I had long fallen out of love with F1. Until now that is!

Think Billions and Succession when trying to compare the cut-throat drama and intensity that comes with this behind the scenes look at the glitz, glamour and insatiable thirst for victory that comes with the F1 season. You’ll find yourself emotionally rooting for some individuals while also detesting other characters.

Netflix and the F1 industry in general have hit a home run here with 20 episodes from the past two seasons. Enjoy!