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Olly Murphy: Episode 2 'Breaking In' - The Other Side Of The Fence

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Matchbook’s new Brand Ambassador, Olly Murphy, is taking part in a new season-long video series, ‘The Other Side Of The Fence with Olly Murphy’, covering the journey of a horse from the sales to the racetrack…

Episode 2 of ‘The Other Side Of The Fence’ with Olly Murphy is out now.

The Matchbook cameras follow a horse bought at the sales by Olly to Charlie Poste’s Station Yard.

Here, the 3-year-old horse begins the ‘breaking in’ process.

‘Breaking In’ a horse with Charlie Poste

In Episode 2, Charlie brilliantly talks us through the ‘breaking in’ process with a young horse.

The horse has to get used to something as simple as having a saddle on his/her back, meaning there is a delicate formula that Charlie must follow.

From there, we watch as the horse has a human on its back for the first time, all the way to watching the horse begin riding out in a circle.

The length of this process all depends on the horse’s ability to learn, but it tends to last a few weeks.

After this is completed, the horse will be sent back to Olly’s yard to begin training.

You can watch the full video below.

Olly Murphy: Episode 2 ‘Breaking In’ – The Other Side Of The Fence:

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